About Us
Bismillaahi Ar-rahmaan Ar-raheem
As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatu allaahi wa barakatuhu
We are sending you this letter on behalf of the Muslim Union in Czech Republic. It is an organization registered by the Czech Ministry of Interior, since the year 2000.
Please, let us give you a brief note of our activities:
In year 1999, we began with a program of Dawa, in a small flat close to the center of Prague. This program leaded to embracing of Islam up to approximately 700 Czech youth.

For the necessity of having Islamic center in the city center and for the proximity to  work places and schools and Czech seekers of  Islam which is the main target of the center, specially the second generation of the Muslim community, we rented a place at Vaclavské Náměstí, in the middle of the year 2001. For the last 2 years it served the community as well as Dawa, spreading Islam. It began with 1 room, risen to 2, then 4 rooms and now we have 100 m2 praying room at the address Politickych věznů 21, till the mid of January  2004. Because the place will go through a reconstruction, we are forced to move out and find a new place which is needed for all our activities. As we are short of our financial support, we are afraid our activities and plans for spreading Islam will have to be stopped.

The activities the place offer are:
Jumah prayer, in Czech and English language at 14:30, every Friday. Many English speaking people from England, Pakistan and India pray every week as well as a number of Czech Muslims.
4 prayers a day, all week.
On Ramadan, every day, fasting is broken in a group of Muslims (last Ramadan 50- 1500  fasting Muslims broke their fast daily) and with Altraweeh pray .
Tarawih prayer was offered daily.
Our web page in Czech language 
www.muslimskaunie.cz offers the largest amount of information about Islam in Czech Republic.
Translating of books about Islam to Czech language.
we are planing to spread our activities to schools and doing dawa activites between students .
Other programs for Dawa such as trips, picnics and lectures.
.servise of weddings for Muslims .
We would be very happy to be honored by your visit or contacting us.

With regards,

In behalf of the Muslim Union
Mohamed Abbas Almutasim
President of the Muslim Union
Tel: 0420777636544
Email: info@muslimskaunie.cz


bc. Petr Jahja Moravec 

islamic university of Medina Munouwarah

+966534485620 Saudi number

+420732348750 Czech number

Area: 78,864 square kilometres
Neighbouring states: Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia
Population: 10,300,000
Capital: Prague (population of 1.2 million

Religious bachground due to statics  of 2001  which showed for the first time a numer of muslims in the population .Muslims  3699 of them  2676 men   , 1023 women this comes when the numer of other fath is decreasing

Books in English

Sunni Muslims will be the Fature Brother to All those who will follov Jesus Upon his Arrival from Heaven to Earth (Christion, Jews & Other)